La Charronnière

Local Attractions


A different kind of leisure park experience, set in 60 hectares of tranquil green countryside with 25 original attractions you will not find elsewhere.  From 3D rides with 4D effects, live shows, thrill rides, open air activities and much more … guaranteed fun for all ages.

La Vallée des Singes (Valley of the Monkeys)

A unique place in France.  Discover over 400 primates, 30 species, in a very natural setting.  Superb way to spend you day observing man’s closest relative in many cases up close and personal! (So good we have been 4 times this year.)

La Cité médiévale de Chauvigny

Spend a morning wandering around the town or enjoy a unique experience on the Velo-rail.  Then take a stroll up to the Medievial City which houses many craft shops, restaurants and local artisans.  In the ruins of the Bishops’ Chateau you will find an outstanding bird of prey show – Les Geants Du Ciel.


The regions’ capital where you can explore 2,000 years of history – from the Celtic Pictones tribe, who created the first settlement and provided the city with its name, to the 21st century Futuroscope mentioned above, whose amazing 3D animations and cyber adventures attract 2 million visitors each year.


Home to a medieval market hall and 11th century lantern tower – a survivor from the Abbaye Saint Sauveur.

Moncontour Active Park

Lots of activities around a 10 hectare lake including water skiing, bathing, playground, beach volleyball, tennis, a skate park and fishing.


This bustling riverside town remains world famous for one of the regions most celebrated exports – Brandy.  The big Cognac houses offer guided tours, but the town which is set on the Charente river banks is also well worth exploring.

Marais Poitevin

Discover the tranquillity of the region’s Green Venice.  The park covers 32,000 hectares of wetlands and 65,500 hectares of drained marsh.  Tours including trips in the traditional flat bottomed boat can be picked up from various points and you will be guided through the labyrinth of ‘conches’ ‘fosses’ and ‘rigoles’.

This is just a sample of the many many things to do around and about. For more information you may wish to  look at the following internet sites:  Discover Poitou-Charentes or  Tourism en Vienne.

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